Trio, Movement 2

I’m so delighted to announce that I’ve finished Movement 2 of my new violin trio today! And I’m about to dive into Movement 3…

The titles of the first two movements of Counterpoint Invariable so far are: I. Intervallic Structure and II. Tone and Color. And the titles seem very true to the nature of each movement’s focus. It was a grand experiment — to see if I could take this basic system of four contrapuntally related phrases and re-use this system in its precise nature for each movement, simply varying the starting material (the phrases) by shifting the emphasis. The first movement’s material focuses on strict interval relationships (a la Schoenberg), and the second movement focuses on melodies derived from a hexatonic scale, granting the patterns a colorful, tonal openness to counteract the rigidness of the first movement. It’s all very exciting to me: that by using a strict pattern that connects these phrases, not only horizontally within each violin’s part but vertically across all three layers as well, the subconscious is yet able to somehow pick up on this intertwining multi-dimensionalism (according to Danielle).

As I’ve said before, this very much makes me think of Bach… on steroids… 😀

Look for its thrilling debut with the Rosé Trio soon!

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