Counterpoint Invariable

This is when composing gets fun! It’s like being a kid again, putting together a puzzle, piece by piece…!

Got inspired this morning, and I’m working out sketches and the beginning draft for the first movement of my brand new violin trio for the Rosé Trio! Really exciting riffs and color evolving here…like a dark Fair Katrinelje meets Anima MechanicaeWhat’s so inspiring for me on this particular occasion is that I’m goin’ “old-school”; I’m delving back and searching my “toolbox of tricks” for everything I used during my counterpoint days, to write out these points of motion and tone color now. Sometimes, it really is very helpful to disconnect your ear from the process, and to just use your mind – the patterns, the formulas, the “old rules” – because the ear can lead a piece to where it’s not meant to go if one is not careful…

And I’ve gotten to rethinking and freeing up my creative juices where several of my other current compositional projects are concerned; I was stuck in a bit of a self-imposed rut, but I’m fast becoming unstuck!…. I feel I’ve already got a jump on a fabulous 2012!


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