The Further Adventures of String Theory

In spite of nippy 40 degree weather, in a festive and wintery setting on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Danielle Cummins, Ken Glaser, Keith Buerger, and myself of String Theory performed what we figure to be as one of our best performances to date this past Friday! We had a very receptive audience whose support of our music made the evening so enjoyable!

We’ll be going out to the Promenade again for our final performance of the year on Saturday, December 17th, 8pm-10pm! We’ll be adding a couple new tunes to our regular set, as well as debuting our first-ever String Theory original: a very special Christmas Concerto! You won’t want to miss this!

Additionally, by request, we’ll soon be posting to our site demo recordings of a few of our favorite tunes; so keep an eye out for news on that. But nothing beats seeing us live and experiencing the energy of String Theory and our “Parallel Universes of Sound”! 😀

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