I came across this immensely talented and passionate artist – Kevin “KO” Olusola – while investigating the latest a cappella singing sensation, Pentatonix, one of the groups currently competing in “The Sing-Off.” I was intrigued by the mentions of Yale University, Carnegie Hall soloist on cello and saxophone, and accolades from Yo-Yo Ma as well as performing on NPR’s “From the Top”; then upon reading:

…Yo-Yo Ma said that his “celloboxing” (playing cello and beatboxing simultaneously) version of Dona Nobis Pacem was “inventive and unexpected.” This April, Kevin’s “Julie-O” celloboxing video went viral on the internet, garnering national acclaim on media channels like CBS, AOL, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Justin Timberlarke’s website, and others. (Olusola Bio)


…I knew I had to search for the acclaimed video! And here it is, and I love it! To be sure, KO goes on the top of my favorite-and-admired-artists list! 🙂

For more info, check out his YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

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