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New Composition!

Introducing my newest completed work for string quartet, In the Forest (Amazing Grace)!

This piece was originally only a sketch for solo piano I had done, perhaps, six or more years ago, and when Danielle invited me to compose a quick-and-dirty arrangement of Amazing Grace for a formal banquet for Alternate Avenues, I suddenly realized I could take this old sketch (a sketch that, in its original state, lacked an adequate beginning or any kind of an ending at all!) and turn it into a really nice string quartet! So, I really only had about a day (cumulatively) to throw this together, and I wasn’t entirely sure if it would come off as well as I was hoping it would… But, after a bit of cramming, it all came together!

Once we had performed it (without much of a rehearsal to speak of!) in front of a very attentive audience, I knew I had a gem of a piece! 🙂 I look forward to one day getting a nice and proper recording done.

Update: I have since had time to fully complete the composer’s-cut of this work. We’ll be formally recording it Dec 15, so stay tuned for the ultimate version… Now viewable here! 🙂

For now, though, here is the extraordinarily-decent “debut performance” of the adventurous In the Forest (Amazing Grace)! Enjoy! 😀

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