String Theory, Hitting the Streets!

The fun, audacious busking-quartet, String Theory, is scheduled to hit the Third Street Promenade with its Parallel Universes of Sound on Saturday, October 29th, 8pm-10pm!

Covering favorites from Pink Floyd to Moody Blues and John Lennon, performing originals written by our members, and jamming to our own re-imaginings of Celtic, Bluegrass, and Baroque traditions, we are Sarah Wallin Huff and Danielle Cummins on violins, Ken Glaser on guitar/acoustic bass/vocals, and Keith Buerger on percussion!

PLUS! In celebration of Halloween… you may just happen to spy a couple of fairy princesses fiddling away on the Promenade… hee-hee… You gotta come and check us out! 😀

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