Concert this Saturday!

Come join Clan DRAGONAS for a spellbinding evening of Symphonic Celtic/Folk Rock Music at the oasis-from-the-LA-rush, the Tribal Cafe!

This Saturday, Aug. 27th! Show starts at 7pm. Dragonas will take the stage at 8pm.

 1651 West Temple St., Los Angeles, CA

Also joining us for the evening will be the talented Chad Standlea and Jazz Fuller (as The Wylam West), The Black Hole Candidates, and other fine musicians!

**The first 10 guests to arrive to hear DRAGONAS will receive a limited edition copy of our latest single, “Dance at Clonmacnoise”! Spread the word! Don’t miss out!**

Support the Cafe with a $6 Minimum Purchase Cover
(great espresso drinks, power veggie-fruit juices & smoothies, bobas, sandwiches, wraps, mexican food & show specials, lots of vegan-vegetarian options)
“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tribal cafe…” (

(see the facebook event page here for more info:
In the meantime, check out our latest videos at
and our website at
Hope to see you there!

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