Happy Birthday, Ludwig!

“When the Beethoven family lived in this house [Bonngasse 20] it was still two separate buildings. Both the front and the rear house were apartments for court musicians. Beethoven’s father was also a court musician. The Beethovens lived in the house at the rear and it was here that Ludwig was born in one of the attic rooms.

“We do not know the exact date (people did not celebrate their birthdays at that time). We only know that Ludwig was baptised on 17th December 1770. There is an entry to this effect in the baptism registry of the St. Remigius church. As the mortality rate amongst children was so high, children were baptised straight after they were born. This is why we believe that Ludwig was either born on 16th or 17th December 1770.”

(from “Hello, Beethoven“)

The great composer would be 240 years old, if he were still with us today…

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