Great List of Music Education Resources…and Beethoven Digitally….

A special thanks to Pierce for this following helpful link, and for his very kind words! 🙂

…since I have been working on creating some new music resources for K-12 students, your page was a great source of information.

As a thank you, I thought I would pass along this additional resource I have been using as well in case you were looking to add more to your page. I have been using material from this page, It has a ton of great music resources that you and your users may find helpful!

I especially enjoyed the link that led me to Beethoven-Haus-Bonn – an all-Beethoven digital site. Everything from a digital Archive of the Great Master’s music, sketches, pictures, instruments, written documents, and more! Plus, I think I’ve just spent at least the last two hours on the “Hello, Beethoven!” for kids link! The wealth of information, and the fun way it’s presented, is absolutely engaging for young and young at heart!

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