Catching up a Bit…

(…been lacking on the Regular Blogging Hygene end of my internet life…) :p


I am ashamed to see how few and far between my posts have become, and I thank you so much for your patience! My life has just been blossoming with opportunities (and obligations, too)… and I’ve gone through several MAJOR milestones just within these past 6 months, including marriage, some difficult changes in family relations, unexplicable and sudden death of my father at Christmastime, starting a new and second entrepreneurial business (in addition to my regular load of musicking), surviving my final school requirements and thus graduating with my Masters degree (yay!!), and buying a new home (we’re moving next week, on Friday the 13th!!!). In fact, several of my student-parents are wondering why I’m still working at all right now… hee hee hee… I’m looking forward to things settling down a bit – or at least balancing itself out.

Anyway, so I have explained myself, I hope. I feel better now… And now, for the latest news…

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