Virtual Music Library!!

I just stumbled across this AMAZING collection of virtual music, and I’m hooked on the idea!

For a mere $20 each, one can purchase, for example, the complete string quartets (score and parts) of Beethoven and Brahms! Or Haydn or Mozart! Or the Ultimate Collection of Violin Sonatas, Violin Concertos, Violin Solos and Duets, or Violin Methods and Etudes. There are Orchestral Collections as well, where one can find instrumental parts of the great orchestral literature. Included with each collection is Supplemental Material, such as composer biographies, program notes, and terms. And for those who aren’t violinists, there are a myriad of collections for other instruments and ensembles.

Imagine having entire collections of history’s greatest music right on your computer, instead of taking up valuable space in your home or studio! Imagine being able to print out unlimited copies (formatted for Adobe Reader) for you, your colleagues, and your students! And imagine being able to find exactly what you’re looking for, easily and without headache!

Find out more at CD Sheet Music’s website! I’ll let you know what I think when I try this out!… 🙂

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