It’s the New Year Already?!?

Hee hee hee… Yes, I’ve been VERY slow to get back into the blogging world… I know, I know. Nearly two full weeks have passed since the new year, and I’m only just now writing this post…. What can I say? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my break!!

So, what’s new? Well, in my previous post, I mentioned an exciting concert opportunity I had to play my darling Nigel 2.0 with up-and-coming New Age pianist, Denise Young. That concert went very well, and we had a grand time performing some of Denise’s tunes, which were all received very enthusiastically by the crowd. (In fact, several folks mentioned that they are extremely eager to hear me on Denise’s next recording!!) 🙂

Afterwards, I enjoyed a magnificent two-week break from all responsibility. During this break, however, James and I managed to secure our… dun dun dun… Wedding Plans!! That’s right; we have the date, time, and place. And, after my best friend (a.k.a. maid of honor) and I went shopping simply to browse dress styles to get ideas, we came across one certain dress that was perfect (and at a knockout-cheap price, too!), such that we were just compelled to grab it for my own – yes, I even have my wedding dress secured!

All right; enough of the mushy stuff. Don’t worry, though. There’ll be more info coming soon regarding our own Wedding Website we’re putting together, for those who are interested…

So now it’s time to get back to work. What am I up to now? Well, very soon I will be posting about some upcoming concerts that are fast on the approach. And I am in the midst of finishing up my latest composition – my Thesis requirement, to be exact. It is a new concerto for the six-string electric violin, acoustic orchestra and assorted MIDI instruments. It will be approximately 20 minutes long, in three movements. I’m sincerely aiming to finish and hire a bunch of friends to get this thing recorded for the faculty. It’s all a very exciting prospect; I really have high hopes for this new and unusual work. In addition to this, I’m aiming to take and complete my Qualifying Exams this semester – which means I’ll be graduating with my master’s degree! I appreciate all of your prayers in advance. 🙂

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