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V.T.C.M.A. – 3

I know, I know… one after the other…eyeroll_24.png

But, this current installment of Videos That Caught My Attention is not only to show the talents of a wonderful violinist I’ve just stumbled upon tonight (whose tone, clarity of technique, and attention to detail I very much admire), but also to give hope to many parents I know, especially those with very young children who are in the midst of their own violin studies.

Without further ado, meet violinist Stefan Milenkovich, first at (assumedly) three years old…

Now, at age six or seven (in duet with his father)…

And what is he up to nowadays? He is actually both a teaching assistant for famed violinist Itzhak Perlman (another of my favorites!) at the Juilliard School, and an assistant professor of violin at the University of Illinois. Click here to find out more at his official website!

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  1. […] all heard about child prodigies who start lessons when they’re three (such as Stefan Milenkovich), and we’ve been bombarded with the thought that adult beginners cannot hope to achieve the […]

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