On the Road Again…

The Cal Poly MIDI Band is going on Tour!!!

Leaving, well, this morning bright and early, we’ll be heading out for a three-day performance tour with some five or so concerts planned in Norco, Oceanside, El Centro, and San Diego! We’ve got a load of tunes ready to go – old and new, from Pink Floyd to Beatles to New Age to Video Games – and we even have new costumes (black shirts with the custom logo of a synthesizer-playing alien, accompanied by a white lab coat – we’re going Geeky)!

My brand new ax for this quarter is a lovely, black 5-string electric fiddle, from Planet Violin; it took a little getting used to – what with my knocking neighboring strings like a beginner, with my bow getting used to the slightly different angles of the strings :p – but it has such a rich tone that blends well with the group. I just have a blast playing on it!

We’re also scheduled to go out on a local one-day tour on May 25, and don’t forget our regular evening concert at the Cal Poly Recital Hall on May 21st, 8pm! Lots going on!…

I’m really looking forward to this trip! Check us out if we’re in your town!

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