Congratulations to James for the official unveiling of his incredible new site – Music Program Notes!!

“Music Program Notes is a free, volunteer-powered, collaborative database of program notes for all genres and ensemble types, and anyone is welcome to contribute or use the program notes in our database for any non-commercial or educational purpose.”

You can read more about the site, and James’ comments on it, here.

I highly recommend this site as a great resource for notes on music history and performance, and I really hope to see this idea flourish. If you have any knowledge on at least one piece of music, please don’t hesitate to submit a little note on it! Not only will you be contributing to the preservation of music education, but your participation in a worldwide community project can be a wonderful source for networking with others in the music field.

I’m always excited to see opportunities for members from all facets of the music community to unite and share knowledge, and I hope you will come join us!

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