Upcoming Concerts, Spring ’07

Here are a few more upcoming concerts, for your pleasure:

  • January 13, 2:40pm: The Claremont Winds (with me bangin’ away with the fun percussionists!) have been invited to play at Disneyland‘s Carnation Plaza! Admission: Well, once you get inside the park, it’s free! 🙂
  • February 1, 8pm: Due to my close friendship with violinist Christie Yoo :), I have been invited to participate as a regular member of the violin section in the Aineo Christian Chamber Orchestra. This group is very high quality, and all committed Christians; I’ve been enjoying my time with them immensely! This concert, my first with them, will be at the Downey Theater (:?: more clarification to come!), and we’ll be performing such exciting pieces as Mendelssohn‘s Piano Concerto #1, and Mikhail Glinka‘s Russlan and Ludmilla. Admission: TBA (I’ll report again on all this when I know more info!!!)
  • February 22, noon: MIDI Band performs a sample of our formal evening concert in the University Breezeway at Cal Poly, Pomona!!! Admission: Free!
  • February 26, 8pm: MIDI Band performs our “real” concert in the Cal Poly Music Recital Hall. This concert is not to be missed! Our theme this quarter is…*dun-dun*… Video Game Music! Woo-hoo! 😀 We’ll, of course, be performing my arrangement of Chris Vrenna’s Flying on the Wings of Steam (Remix) from “American McGee’s Alice”. But, brand new this quarter, we’ll be performing my arrangement, Journey through MYST, an eight-minute medley featuring the fabulous music from all five MYST games and URU. What else will be there? Perhaps Mario, Zelda, Tetris, Frogger, Mortal Kombat… will there be screenshots, costumes, crazy shenanigans on stage?! Have to be there to find out!! 8) Admission: $7

Hope to see you there!

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