The Curse of Pachelbel’s Canon

Ever wonder how far the influence of Classical music – of music that is over 300 years old, no less! – has seeped into our modern popular music? In this hilarious video, comedian/musician Rob Paravonian rants about the inescapable impact of Johann Pachelbel’s infamous Canon in D on the music of such artists as Vitamin C and Aerosmith, and on countless other folk, punk, and rock tunes we’re surrounded with every day!

Yet, even with this daunting, inescapable recognition (and lost hope for cellists everywhere), according to Rob P.’s Official Bio, “…he still plays the cello.” 8)

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  1. I enjoyed this comedy on a piece commonly requested by many brides and grooms, and yet complained about by some string quartet musicians who have played this piece too many times. Yes, the cello part can get “boring” and “Baroque,” but this comedy brings out the funny concepts to a general audience.

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