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Mark it on Your Calendar!

At last, the Three Images of Christ’s Final Hours will be performed in their entirety!

Under the direction of cellist Alan Mautner, the Cal Poly Pomona String Ensemble is scheduled to perform all of the Three Images on the evening of May 23, 2006! Featured guest soloists in this performance will include violinist Cathlin Reese on A Garden Prayer, saxophonist Lori Huff on Bleeding Heart, and pianist Janet Noll on both A Garden Prayer and Easter Victory.

In addition to this suite, another composition of mine will be debuted that evening as well: announcing the new chamber work for violin, guitar, and piano, Pegasus! This work has been something I struggled with for a long time, unsure of where to take the main theme. But with the guidance of guitarist and composer Dr. Peter Yates, I have finally completed this fascinating work. While it is still within my own unique voice, I have employed techniques that I had not previously considered, and the result is just fantastic! :mrgreen: It will be performed by myself on violin, Dr. Yates on guitar, and Janet Noll on piano.

Of course, the String Ensemble will be performing other works as well, such as W.A. Mozart’s Divertimento No. 2, K. 137 and the Abdelazer Suite by Henry Purcell.

So don’t miss out on this exciting event, when two of my major compositions will be performed!

Where: Recital Hall, California Polytechnic University, Pomona.
When: Tuesday evening, May 23, 8pm.
Admission: $7

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  3. […] Firstly, the May 23rd String Ensemble concert was so much fun! We started off the evening with my newest composition Pegasus; it came off very well. It seems to just roll on easily (though it is a bit of a challenge to play, with the 10/8 time signature and the delicate balance of the three instrumental parts), and there is a lovely charm about it. Many thanks to Dr. Peter Yates and Janet Noll for helping me make this a reality! […]

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