We’re on Wikipedia!

Well, at least, my downloadable paper on Tuvan Throat Singing is mentioned as an external link for an article about Tyva-Kyzy. Very cool!

Check it out here….

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  1. Hi Sarah
    It does seem strange how many Wallins are into technical things could this be an intelligent gene?

    Me, I love technical stuff and have patented an engine an electronic brake and now I’m writing a book on electric vehicles. I named my daughter sara hmmmmmmm? and she goes to the maths master classes here in Portsmouth.


    PS my brothers two sons are also very technically minded.

  2. Hey, Leslie!! That’s cool! I wonder how we’re related…. That would be interesting; we must be linked somehow! Check out this other Wallin I discovered: Rolf Wallin – a composer who uses computers and fractal formulas to give his creative process new directions! He says: “The last few years I have become increasingly involved in some peculiar mathematical formulas called fractals. These formulas, used in the fast growing field of Chaos theory, are relatively simple, but they generate fascinating and surprisingly “organic” patterns when shown graphically on a computer screen, or played as music. In fact, the last third of Stonewave is one long linear sweep through a microscopic jungle of numbers arranging themselves in less and less predictable patterns, with a “pocket” of extreme repetitiveness before exploding into the last chaotic bars.”

    Nice to hear form you! Say hi to Sara for me! BTW, next Saturday, I’ll officially be Sarah Wallin Huff!!! 🙂
    Take care!

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