More About Bowholds…

So what’s up with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki‘s “panda thumb” or “thumb power”? How does it work with the bowhold to provide “for better tone and articulation of bowstrokes” [Miranda]?

I came across Miranda’s BC Suzuki Homepage not too long ago, and, among the many interesting tips and articles pertaining to Suzuki methodology, I found this celebrated article, “Thumb Power Physics”. I was immediately impressed with the detailed illustration of the physics behind a stong, tone-ful bowhold utilizing the thumb’s power into the stick.

I urge you to explore this article (and others!) to discover what’s really going on in your own bowhold… 😉

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  1. This once again proves that the proper use of one tiny digit can make an incredible difference.

    Students, listen to your teachers! Technique is important!

  2. The whole bow hold topic is overdone and how this artist or
    that artist held it means very little .There is a simple basic
    bow hold for each player and when that has been addressed
    most problems are solved .

  3. By the way, the reason why we study the way “this artist or that artist” holds the bow, is because we adore their certain sound, and by studying their hold, we hope to attain a similar tone in our own playing… 🙂

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