MIDI Band Concert a Success!

“I brought my son with me to the MIDI Ensemble concert and we both enjoyed it very much. We thought Widescreen, Autumn Interlude, Flying on the Wings of Steam, Karma Police, Personal Echo and Theme from ‘X-Files’ were brilliantly arranged, orchestrated and performed. Thanks for the opportunity to see the performance.”

-Kathy R. Yeh, student at Cal Poly, Pomona

😉 Yes, Widescreen, Autumn Interlude, Flying…, Personal Echo, and Theme from “X-Files” were all works that I have arranged or composed, and, yes, I loved having the opportunity to share with the audience what knowledge I had of most of the tunes we did, and of MIDI and digital music in general. Comments like the above quote are a great honor for me, and I am extremely pleased that I was able to bring as much joy to the audience as those arrangements have always brought to me. But this concert could not have been pulled off nearly so successfully without the talents of each Band member and the director, Professor Lori Huff. It is because of their hard work, dedication, and marvelous musical intuition that my arrangements could be performed so successfully.

Last Monday evening was a real blast, and I enjoyed every minute, sharing the stage with the Cal Poly MIDI Ensemble! :mrgreen:

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