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My Upcoming Concerts

Here are some concerts in which I’m scheduled to participate, coming up the rest of this year:

  • October 20, 12pm. Fall Showcase, at Cal Poly Pomona‘s Music Recital Hall. I’m planning on giving a small foretaste of my Senior Recital, to come early 2006, by performing the Recitativo-Fantasia from the Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major by Cesar Franck. Admission: FREE.
  • November 17, 12pm. MIDI Band noon feature, in the Theatre Breezeway, near the Recital Hall. A foretaste of of the MIDI Band’s excellent, fall quarter, nighttime concert. See below. Admission: FREE.
  • November 20, 3pm. Claremont Winds Concert, click here for more info. I have the pleasure of joining this excellent community concert band in my spare time, participating in the percussion section. For this particular concert, I have the honor of “tickling the ivories” on a couple of beautiful pieces… Admission: FREE.
  • November 21, 8pm. MIDI Band Evening Concert, Cal Poly Pomona‘s Music Recital Hall. Under the direction of Lori Huff, we will be performing a concert consisting almost entirely of the seven arrangements I have written for the group. Sure to be a unique experience, not to be missed! Admission: $7.
  • December 18, 6pm. Annual Christmas Concert, Midcities Baptist Westminster Church. As in past years, I have been invited to join the church’s orchestra in accompanying the choir for this Christmas Celebration. Admission: FREE.

4 thoughts on “My Upcoming Concerts

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  2. Hi Sarah!
    It’s Katie from Tour W! I live very close to Cal Poly, and want to come to a concert! Very cool website! tty via email.

  3. Hey, Katie!! Great to hear from you! I hope you’ll come to one of the concerts (I HIGHLY recommend the MIDI Band one on Nov. 21!) Talk to you later! 🙂

  4. […] To be found under my Bio and Resumé category, you may now browse through a list of my personal Repertoire, including my Original Compositions, Original Arrangements of Existing Works, and Original Arrangements for MIDI Band (which, incidentally, will be performed on November 21… Come and partake of this unique event!) I hope to also include soon a partial list of more traditional repertoire that I have performed. […]

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