Additional Reading, Authored by Yours Truly

Located at the bottom of my Tuvan Throat Singing link on the sidebar, you may now find Additional Reading, Authored by Yours Truly, which is the beginning of a collection of various essays and such that I have written, which others have deemed worthy of posting. (NOTE: Link now opens to my article page, “Featured Articles”, where you can find everything in one place!)

The first two papers to be found under this collection are Disasters in Art and Distinguishing Alchemy from Science. The first, in my humble opinion, is rather simplistic, and you may need to refer to the works cited page while comparing the statements in the essay with the images found at the end of it, to make better sense of what is what. But it’s a fun little survey of artwork that has been created in memory of three separate natural disasters that have greatly impacted human society. The second is a much more involved work exploring the definitions society has given to “science” by way of comparing the work of seventeenth century alchemists and chemists. The results may intrigue you…

Enjoy these writings at your leisure. I hope to post further writings for your enjoyment as they come up.

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