In Appreciation of My Friend, Joe…

I remember, some time ago, bouncing around the internet blandly… I had a lot of questions on my mind, I was going through some tough situations in my life, and I happened to stumble on a personal “God-blog” by Joe Christian; one of his articles (I don’t recall if this was the exact one, but it is inspiring nonetheless) really stuck with me. Here was someone who really takes care to search, meditate on, and interpret the Bible as correctly as he can. Additionally, Joe loves to tinker with his electronic-music-making equipment and create darling, meditative tunes. 🙂

He has since been a dear friend of mine, who has been offering a link from his site to mine for a while. So, in apprecitation of him and all his dedicated work, I offer a link on my sidebar to him. Thank you, Joe.

Update: Sadly, as of the beginning of this year (2006), Joe Christian has left the blogging world in favor of other pursuits, including his music. 🙂 Best wishes to you, Joe!

Update 5/2/06: Joe has returned to the internet community! Check out his great new site.

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  1. Thank you, Sarah, for your very loving and thoughtful comments of me and the site. You make my heart whelp up with tears of joy in Christ. Surely, it was God’s hand that brought us into friendship.

    It’s a wonderful thing, that is, the Touch of the Master’s Hand upon our lives.

    It is great blessing of God to have friends such as you!

    You’re caring and giving and prayerful, wise of heart for your years, quite able in so many fields, and – it shows – you just simply love God and His people and everyone – much like Christ expected!

    Well, just gotta stop here, because I can’t hold back the tears any longer.

    God’s richest blessings for your giving and love!

    Loving you in Christ’s love, always,


  2. Praise the Lord Sarah,
    I have been searching Joe Christian for a long time now, I think this is the same person that you have mentioned in your blog. i have been helped a lot by joe’s articles, I am from India and am not at all aware how can i search him in the US , becoz Joe christian is not his real name as far as i know.

    Any way that you can guide me how to search him out. ? thanks

  3. Hi, Johnson! I do remember seeing your posts, I think, on Joe’s site! It’s great to hear from you!

    Unfortunately, I don’t know where to find Joe. I did have his personal email address for a while, but now, when I try to send him something, it bounces back to me. 🙁

    I know that he wasn’t in my state, California. I can’t recall where he’s living, though….

    I’m sorry I’m not much help. But let mw know if you do locate him! Good luck in your search!

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