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The Lori Huff Saxophone Recital was a unique experience for both the concert-attendee and the performer. The stage took after the image of a circle of musical friends gathering in a cozy living room for a delightful evening; besides the usual piano, amps, electric keyboard, and other various instruments waiting for us on stage, there was also a comfortable couch and potted trees and plants to add to the homey atmosphere. All of us performers were in casual attire, and some of us waited our turn by sitting out and conversing on the couch, watching the current act on center stage. The lights in the audience were kept warmly lit, and the whole atmosphere was one of comfort, open friendliness, and non-competitive, non-judgmental music-making.

Every act was unique and well-executed, with the showcase of instrumentation truly eclectic. The highlight of the entire evening was the grand finale: my arrangement of William Coulter’s “Caoineadh Na Mara/Amen”, for which four of Cal Poly’s faculty and two students (James and myself) joined together on stage, with the student stage crew cheering us on from the couch.

This “Eclectic Evening” is sure to remain one of my most memorable performances.

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