“The Violin Close Up”

This web version of the 1980 book “The Violin Close Up” is a really neat introduction to the violin. The author and photographer, Peter Schaaf, presents the story of how the violin produces sound, in a most charming manner. The photos are just beautiful (good pick for the subject, too — a very lovely instrument), with up close views of the bridge, the belly, the tailpiece, etc., etc. Every part of the violin and bow is detailed, but the “technical” descriptions are tastefully child-like and poetic. Definitely a good read for children and adults alike!

I also recommend that, while visiting Mr. Schaaf’s site, you take a look at some of his other striking, high-quality works, such as his photos of the beloved Dorothy DeLay, the “grayscale women”, and (my personal favorite) the wild antics of Peter Schickele, including his “swinging” entrance into Carnegie Hall! Click here to begin exploring Peter Schaaf’s site.

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