Welcome to 2005! (with support-opportunities)

Can you believe it’s now been 5 years since the “new millennium”? Amazing! Well, I hope this new year rings bright and fresh for you and your loved ones, as schools and jobs start up again; may you be inspired, challenged, and renewed in the coming months.

On a slightly more sombering note, we’ve all heard of the terrible destruction in South East Asia. “The official death toll from the Asian tsunami climbed dramatically to 147,000 Friday and authorities held out little hope for tens of thousands still missing,” according to Lely T. Djuhari, a writer for Associated Press. Click here to see the article.

James, my beloved, has already put together a list of valid and trustworthy organizations to which you may offer your donations in support of their efforts in the midst of this catastrophe. Please, if this strikes you as something you’d like to take part in, click on the link above and check out his post.

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