Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming soon, and what to get for your favorite violinist at home? According to a discussion board on, items on the violinist’s wish list might include:

– a metronome (very important for the growing musician — Parents, get one for your child!! I prefer the electronic ones, for their adjustable volume and compact shapes and sizes. But others prefer the old-fashioned mechanical ones for their long-standing reliability.)

– Violin-related artwork and knick-knacks (i.e. paintings, bookmarks, home-decor, keychains, etc.)

– Mozart chocolates (hmm . . . sound good!)

– Music gift certificates, sheet music, and CDs.

– Accessories, such as rosin, orchestral and practice mutes, tuning mechanisms, music stands, music stand light, pencil holder, a set of spare strings, shoulder rests (purchase some of these with caution and with recommendations from your teacher.)

– Gift certificate for a bow rehair, and a professional massage or spa treatment (two of my personal favorites!)

Just some ideas to get you started. Why not check out Woodwind Brasswind or Quinn Violins for these or similar gift ideas? And explore the many discussions on, ask questions, seek answers, and discover the secret, wacky lives of violinists all over the world.

Merry Christmas!

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