Composer’s Showcase

On the evening of December 21st, I will be participating in a small concert put together by my mentor and friend, Kay Pech. The concert will feature new compositions and old favorites. For my part, I will be playing second fiddle with Ms. Pech on her unique composition for two violins, entitled “Overcast and Occasional Light Rain”, which creatively utilizes the instruments’ harmonics and pizzicato. My own featured composition will be “Contemplation”, a soothing fusion of two older pieces of mine: “The Dove” (for string trio) and “The Music Box” (for solo piano). I may also be invited to perform Anna’s Theme and Pope’s thrilling Variation on the Theme, from “The Red Violin Caprices” by John Corigliano (based on his score for the movie, “The Red Violin”). Come join us for this intimate event of music and creativity! Feel free to email me for more information.

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