Re-mixing the Mix

Well, I have recently encountered my first experience with GarageBand, a software application chock-full of various and loop-able tracks, which can be layered and mixed to create a tune. I admit I was more than skeptical about the prospect of “composing” with the aid of such software. However, the minute I started playing around with GarageBand, I began enjoying myself in the puzzle-like mixing and matching. To quote James, I, too, felt like a kid again!

As the “composer” I felt limited in the fact that I could not modulate to other keys or alter the meter in the middle of my piece. However, I did find that by layering a certain track with one harmonic implication over that of another one, the result was a tantalizing harmonic effect. The restrictions I was forced to work with actually encouraged my creativity, and my creation, “Vortex Warped” is one of which I am very proud. I’ve always wanted to do my own Dance Mix! Don’t forget to check out a few of my other pieces.

Enjoy it now on your favorite platform!

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