Eager Violin Students to Perform for Elderly

For the past three months or so, my students have been preparing for, what is for many of them, their first public student recital. To be held on the evening (6:45PM) of November 27 in Stanton, CA, they will be performing for the enjoyment of the Quaker Gardens Senior Living Center. The coordinator for the facility’s entertainment schedule approached me after I had performed for one of their Sunday morning chapel services, asking if I already had a student recital planned. After all, the elderly love children, and, as she told me, Quaker Gardens has never before hosted a concert for young violinists. Luckily, while I had the desire and a tentative date, I had not secured a location to hold the recital. My students range from ages 7 to, perhaps unmentionable, adulthood, and a wide range of musical styles and playing ability will be showcased. I look forward to my students’ experience with Ms. Sharon Wright, as she is to accompany them on the piano, and I look forward to the inspiration and fellowship which these children, teens, and adults are to garner from the evening’s festivities. Please join us for this fun-filled free evening!

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