Kesher#1 Update

The definitive edition of “Pursuit of Truth” is now available in paperback form!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.54.16 PMAs always, you can find all the places where it’s being carried and all the versions available at The Kesher Chronicles page.


Arrangement for Sax Quartet

Now available in my Sheet Music Store! My recent arrangement of Mozart’s String Quartet in Eb Major No. 11, K.171, for saxophone quartet!

“Fairytale Woods” Released

Introducing this month’s fresh new recording: “Fairytale Woods”!

You can view/hear the new track on YouTube, and you can join me on Patreon to directly support my work! As my Patron, you’ll receive all news and updates before anyone else. And, I’ll send you the high quality mp3s of all my newly released recordings… and more!

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Arranging Masterclass @ CalPoly

Later today, I get to work with the Cal Poly Pomona Sax Quartet and talk about techniques arranging existing works for unusual instrumentation!

Fri, Jan. 15th, 3pm-5pm in the campus Music Recital Hall


The Definitive “Kesher Chronicles” Release!

At long last, today is the official day of release for the Definitive Edition of The Kesher Chronicles #1: Pursuit of Truth!

Pick up your copy of the Definitive Edition today!

It’s been a huge opportunity of personal growth for me to keep up with this humble saga of mine for so long, battling my own demons, so to speak… And now, with this exciting release, I am finally prepared to go all the way with the rest of the saga! I aim to release The Kesher Chronicles #2, Questions of Love by mid-August 2016…

By the way, included in this release of Kesher #1 is a sneak peak of Kesher #2: the whole opening chapter from Questions of Love!

By visiting The Kesher Chronicles home page, you can purchase your copy directly from me (via Gumroad), download a free sample, and find links to purchase it on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and B&N.


Day-After-Christmas Christmas Present – for You!

I know it’s a day late… But I have a Christmas present for you all!

I’ve spent some time recently exploring my options in mixing and mastering my original works digitally, to create optimal, release-able recordings of large works without a live orchestra – and I’ll be writing a blog post about what I’ve learned and discovered on that soon. But for now, I am super excited to release a homemade single, the definitive self-made recording of “Christmas Wayfarer“! Enjoy the little video I compiled for the track below.

But wait, there’s more…

Special Gift for ALL New Patreon Members! If you sign up to be a patron on my Patreon site – for ANY amount – you’ll get the exclusive mp3 recording of Christmas Wayfarer FREE! Tell your friends! :)

Needless to say, I’ve already got a list of new and exclusive tracks I’ll be releasing for my patrons on Patreon very soon, so you’ll want to jump on board asap! 😉

Have a wonderful holiday season and joyous New Year!



I’ve finished my new flute and piano piece! ^_^

…this intense and spastic work exploits various manipulations of a twelve-tone row (dodecaphony) and sets the serial melody to a backdrop of hard bop and swing…

Introducing… DodecaFunky!

It was totally fun to put together!

Enjoy the rough digital demo here, for now (it’s missing the spunky nuances AND all the cool extended techniques that will make a live performance of it sparkle…but hopefully I’ll get to hear a live rendition of it soon-ish!)

And, the sheet music is up for sale now, too!

Composition Studio Recital This Week!

Come support our composition students in their semester-end recital! Thursday Dec 10, @ 4pm-5pm!

Featuring fresh, original, live music for strings, woodwinds, and percussion! Music by Ross Abbink, Joshua Huntington, Christopher Enloe, Steven Inabnit, Blake McNamara, and Mako Mortimer. Located on North Campus, the Music Center, in the Recital Hall.

More info at this link….

AHHHHHHH!! New message just received:

“Congratulations! ‘Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf Poltrie’ has been selected for inclusion on….only about 15% of scores were accepted”


The site officially launches next week… I’ll keep ya’ll posted! 😉

Small Biz Saturday Sale!!!

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