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Great Review for Soul of the Machine!

Check out this review from babysue:

Sometimes the idea behind the music is just as interesting as the music itself. According to the press release that accompanied this disc, the music on this album “…explores the relationships between mechanical structures, organic beauty, and identity.” Now that might sound a bit complex and heady, but after hearing the music on Soul of the Machine…you’ll get it. Sarah Wallin Huff presents three unusual compositions that tackle some intriguing ideas and topics. [Wallin] Huff is a violinist and Professor of Composition (and conductor of the Chamber Ensemble) at the Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California. Her music is quite complex and unusual and yet…very easy to absorb and appreciate. There’s a lot to take in here. These three compositions clock in at over sixty-two minutes and incorporate a wide variety of sounds and ideas. Our favorite is the wonderfully moody and subtle “Gypsy Wanderer” which is divided into four sections (“Irreverently,” “Grave,” Con Brio,” and “Rapide”). This piece features Maria Wozniakiewicz on violin and Karolina Rojahn on piano and is nothing short of breathtaking. Another exceptionally slick release from the fine folks at Navona.

It’s really, really nice to hear when my music has reached somebody in such powerful ways. I enjoy it (duh!), but it’s so gratifying to hear when others are touched positively by it, too. :)

Find “Soul of the Machine” here.

New Handbell Piece Finished!

Enjoy this digital demo of my new piece for handbell choir – dedicated to my dear friend, Claire Blackwell, at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita CA!

Sadly, my playback for bells is limited to the upper range, so you’ll hear a mix of piano and bells, but it gives a good idea of what this piece is all about… I absolutely love how it turned out!! :)


Did you know that CD Baby has a fellow site for self-publishing literary work? I just discovered! Now guess who will finally have her novel (part one of a series) available on:

  • iBooks
  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Kobo
  • Copia
  • Gardners
  • Baker & Taylor
  • eSentral
  • Scribd
  • Flipkart
  • Oyster
  • Ciando

This girl!

Dude, I’m so stinkin’ excited! Having already released two albums and a single through CD Baby and having enjoyed my experience with them, I kept wondering why on earth there wasn’t a reliable version of a similar process available for my novels at a decent price?? I am so happy to have found that there is. I have begun the process, and, hopefully very soon, my novel, The Kesher Chronicles: Part 1, Pursuit of Truth, will be — at long last — available for purchase via all the sites above, as well as having some printed paperbacks available in limited supply! I can’t tell you how this has lifted my spirits toward fully and bravely embracing this project of twenty years and moving forward with it with gusto!

For now, you can enjoy some synopses and comments from readers about the books, as well as read sample pages from Book 1 in pdf format, at this link.

And… check out the AWESOME title cover I developed for my ebook submission to BookBaby! Keep a look out for news of its official soon-release!

Kesher Part 1_TITLE

“The Kesher Chronicles” Now Available!

Finally… after my own personal journey of TWENTY YEARS… no joke… Parts 1 & 2 of my epic literary saga, The Kesher Chronicles, are available to you now in e-book form!

It’s been quite a journey, but I’m finally proud to say that these first two books are ready for you to enjoy, at long last.

A far-reaching saga, blurring the lines between imaginative science, dystopian future politics, and magical, mythological warfare…

You can purchase each e-book separately from me, or you can purchase both Parts 1 & 2 together for a discounted price AND I’ll send you an exclusive current Artemisian-English Dictionary! …So you can have the upper hand in fully understanding what the likes of David, Max, Rachel, Bryen, and Xavier are really saying!…. :D

Part 3 (“Rivalry of Power”) is already on its way to being complete… I’m considering perhaps creating a Patreon campaign for Part 3 — enabling supporters to get advance copies of each chapter as they’re completed…! What do you think? :)

Visit the home page for The Kesher Chronicles to read concise synopses for Parts 1 and 2, get a sneak peek and read sample pages from the books themselves, read what others have said in praise of my literary work… and, of course, to purchase your very own copies!

Thank you to all of you who have shown so much support in my creative work. I hope you enjoy The Kesher Chronicles!

The “Kesher Chronicles”…

I am so thrilled to share that this summer has seen a most beautiful inspiration in my life and encouragement to my heart — that of the final stages toward finishing up my sci-fi/mythology trilogy, which I’ve taken to affectionately nick-naming the POD Trilogy (when I first began writing these stories at the impetuous age of fourteen, I called them the “Path of Danger” trilogy — ergo, POD…) XD

So, yes, after twenty years of these characters and their universe dwelling in the back of my mind without signs of letting go, I am nearly complete with all my (I sincerely hope) final revisions with the first two books of this massive work in my life.

These characters have always been a way of escape for me, a universe to call my own, and I’ve consistently enjoyed retreating to it all of these years. So, it is with great excitement that my ongoing penchant for perfectionism and professionalism is finally maturing the stories to a point where I am happy with them and able to share them with even greater vigor and confidence!

So far, I am calling this new-and-improved rendition — The Kesher Chronicles: Parts I and II.

Enjoy a summary of Part I here, and keep an eye out for any further news, if and when this backburner project of mine finally gets off the ground! ;)

The Book of I, OST!

The recordings… are officially COMPLETE!

My end of The Book of I project is finished, and I love it! Many thanks again to everyone who participated to bring this music to life!

I began composing this 50 minute album of music in January (2014), and finished writing in April; now, toward the end of May, the recordings are complete! (I have never completed such a vast and intriguing collection of music so quickly and so well before; I feel like I can do anything now, haha!) ;)

Take a listen to clips from all of the LIVE TRACKS at the new home-page for The Book of I OST!

And watch for the official release of my album — with Jorge‘s novel (the inspiration behind all of this) and Liselott Johnsson’ original artwork — in November 2014!!