Madrigal – New Music Video Up!

For your listening/viewing enjoyment, I have uploaded the demo recording of my latest work for orchestra, “Madrigal,” to YouTube, with engaging images of Renaissance art and musical life.

If you’re interested in purchasing the score, or the score with parts, be sure to visit my Sheet Music Store!

New E-Press Kit Available

I’ve finally gotten around to updating and polishing off my official Works List and Resume, so I thought it’d be smart to create a full-on, official electronic press kit for interested parties to download.

Consequently, I’ve also fully updated my Bio and Repertoire pages to reflect necessary professional additions, such as performance histories and timings for my works, and the important mention of my brief-but-cool Grammy opportunity. :)

My Press Kit will be kept available in my sidebar as well as on my Bio and More page.

Helpful Notion 5 “Hacks”

PRE-notion_5_boxAs I’ve gotten to know Notion 5 better and better, I’m more and more in love with it. The interface is super clean and (mostly) highly intuitive. As with any system I’ve used, some things are clearer than others during the course of writing a composition, depending on the scope and nature of the work, and on the occasions I get stuck, if I can’t find the answer in a manual somewhere, there’s always the Internet and its forums to rummage through for answers. So I’ve never had a cause to worry in the years of my experience working with Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, and, now, Notion. Out of all of these, though, purely based on my own preferences and work style, I by-and-far prefer the look and feel (and – oh.em.gee – the sound!) of Notion 5.

Having just completed my first large-ish orchestral composition in a long while, certainly my first of such scores on Notion, and having just finished polishing up each of the twenty individual parts for the work, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the handy work-arounds and tips I’d discovered during the course of it. My biggest excitement is the clean and elegant creation of parts for my doubling musicians (Flute II/Piccolo and Oboe II/English Horn); you can jump to the bottom of the article to view my advice on working with those specific and potentially tricky parts.

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“Madrigal” & “Book of I” Score, Now Available!

Now available in the sheet music store!

In the new score-only downloads section, you can purchase “Madrigal, for Orchestra” as well as the entire “Musical Response Suite for The Book of I.”

And, the full score-plus-parts download of “Madrigal” is now available in the brand new Orchestra section of my catalog.

Enjoy browsing, and be sure to check back often as my list of titles grows!

Just in Time for Christmas…

Introducing… Four new unique arrangements of classic Christmas carols for piano trio (violin, cello, piano)! Yes, these are the very same works that will be debuted during the Christmas Eve Service this Wednesday at His Way Community Church — Hope to see you there!

Whether or not you can come out to join us this week, I’m excited to be able to offer the official sheet music for these lovely arrangements! Find them, and links to their individual purchase pages with more info, here. Add them to your collection of go-to Christmas tunes! ;)

In the meantime, enjoy these little demo recordings I threw together. These works are lovely and so much fun to play!

Celebrate Christmas Eve, with Music by Sarah!

Need a place to celebrate and reflect upon the Christmas Story this Christmas Season, complete with community carol-singing and candle-lighting? Come join us at His Way Community Church in Santa Clarita (CA), December 24th, 5pm-6pm!

This year’s Christmas Eve Service will include a music trio of piano, violin and cello playing some popular Christmas Carols, a Christmas story reading and a candlelight singing of Silent Night.

All music will be specially composed and arranged by Sarah, and will be performed by Sarah on violin, Taylor Arnone on cello, and Mike Jung on piano.

Find more details at this Event Link!

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