“Organic Circuitry” Live Debut on YouTube

Here’s the video of our debut performance of my electro-acoustic work, “Organic Circuitry“! Featuring Jonathan Sun on violin, Judy Kang on cello, Kay Pech on electric 5-string, and myself on electric 6-string; performed July 20, 2014 in Cerritos CA.

News from CD Release Event & Upcoming Concert!

Lots has been going on as the new school year has been kicked off and running smoothly… madly, but smoothly, haha! ;)

I finally was able to find some media from the Soul of the Machine Debut Event at Brave New World Comics!

  • Christina, Lainey, Jenna, and I perform “Anima Mechanicae”!

  • Lyle Michaud and I goof around a  bit and improvise a little something together….


Coming up on Saturday October 11th, at 1:30pm, my work “Adoré” for string orchestra will be performed by the Biola University Symphony Orchestra as a featured work (representing myself as a featured guest composer) for the annual CFMAC National Conference at Biola University! Visit the link for more information.


Fanboy Comics’ Interview

Barbra Dillon of Fanboy Comics has been SO gracious toward me! She just finished an interview with yours truly about everything I’ve had going on up ’til now. Enjoy reading that interview (including what my Geek Loves are) here!

Debut Event Next Week!!!

Don’t miss it! Enjoy LIVE performances of:

  • Anima Mechanicae – featuring: Christina Burbano-Jeffery and Lainey White (violins), Sarah Wallin Huff (viola), and Jenna Ford (cello).
  • Gypsy Wanderer, movement 3 – featuring: Sarah Wallin Huff (violin) and Lyle Michaud (piano).
  • A Garden Prayer (from “Courage Triptych”) – featuring: Sarah Wallin Huff and Christina Burbano-Jeffrey (violins), and Lyle Michaud (piano)

Get your custom tees ordered ahead of time, here.

See you at the one and only Brave New World Comics!

debut party flier

A Chance to be Nominated for the Grammy Award!…

I just received a fantastic email from PARMA Recordings earlier today.

My composition for violin trio, “Counterpoint Invariable” (one of the works featured on my new album from PARMA, Soul of the Machine– and one of my favorite works I’ve done, in fact) was officially submitted as a potential 2014 Grammy nominee! The submission is for “Best Small Ensemble Performance.”

The nominees will be announced December 5. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

Book Bubble #7: The Agent Bryen

“Early on in Janice’s adventure, we encounter one of Rifadoft’s men, an agent named Bryen. In this scene, there is evidently some bad blood between these two. Bryen will not take chiding from Rifadoft lightly and seems to harbor some deep-seated resentment toward him, though Rifadoft is his superior.

Throughout Kesher Part 2 and 3, we will get to see plenty more of Bryen and discover in greater detail his troubled dealings with David Rifadoft and from where they stem.

Keep an eye on Bryen… As with most people, he’s up to more than he appears to be.”


Enjoy the latest book bubble from The Kesher Chronicles, Part 1! 

Find all the others here…

Are you reading this book and have a favorite scene you think should be included in an upcoming Book Bubble? Let me know! I’m happy to share that scene and include any insightful commentary that I can. :)

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