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Now, the new Electro-Acoustic Quartet, Organic Circuitry, is available for purchase at my Sheet Music Store!

Rough demo recording of a practice session with Jonathan Sun (violin), Judy Kang (cello), Kay Pech (5-string), and Sarah Wallin Huff (6-string):


(l to r): Jonathan Sun (violin), Judy Kang (cello), Sarah Wallin Huff (electric 6-string violin), Kay Pech (electric 5-string violin).
(l to r): Jonathan Sun (violin), Judy Kang (cello), Sarah Wallin Huff (electric 6-string violin), Kay Pech (electric 5-string violin).


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News for Today – Book Bubble #3, Pre-Release CD Offer

This just in! If you like what you see and hear at my Samples for the 2014 Navona Relase page, and your heart strings are tugged to help financially back your friendly-neighborhood-composer in the creation of this AWESOME debut release, you can get your copy of Soul of the Machine before everyone else!

It’s still not too late to contribute to the funding of this project, since all upfront costs were out-of-pocket for me… Just click below to make your donation! :)

Donate $35 or more, before August 12, and receive your copy of the new release FREE and ahead of everybody else!

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Soul of the Machine album_inside


And… Today is New Book Bubble Day!

Click here to read Excerpt #3, with Author Insight! :)

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Enjoy Weekly Book Bubbles

Introducing regular teaser excerpts and “director’s cut” style insights for Part 1 of “The Kesher Chronicles“!

Visit the link on my sidebar (“My Book Bubbles”), or bookmark this link, for regular weekly excerpts – offered with Exclusive Author Insights into each excerpt – from my newly released sci-fi book “Pursuit of Truth,” the first installment of “The Kesher Chronicles” saga! Feel free to share these Book Bubbles to your social circle, too, if you like what you see. :)

Kesher Part 1

“Soul of the Machine” – Available August 12th!

Look what just recently came in the mail… My new solo compositional album, Soul of the Machine, is a VERY beautiful final product from PARMA Recordings! I’m so thrilled to see it all finished!

It will be officially available August 12. Mark your calendars! :D

As in a Philip K. Dick or Isaac Asimov novel, composer Sarah Wallin Huff’s music on SOUL OF THE MACHINE, her debut solo release on Navona Records, explores the relationships between mechanical structures, organic beauty, and identity.

Wallin Huff’s string quartet “Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine” is a reimagining of minimalist techniques, in the style of Philip Glass, and uses mathematical ratios to determine rhythmic and tonal patterns, setting a science fiction tale of a computer that is given the chance to experience human emotions. Another work that has an overarching tale, one of uncertainty and identity, is “Courage Triptych,” a cinematic suite of “images,” while “Adoré” transforms the hymn “My Tribute” by Andraé Crouch into an open and ethereal piece, remindful of Charles Ives’ “The Unanswered Question.” The sonata for violin and piano, “Gypsy Wanderer,” is a study of patterns, colors, and formula, creating rhythmic and harmonic wanderings. The three movements of “Counterpoint Invariable” follow a strict arrangement of phrases, varying only the compositional material, illustrating that mechanical designs can produce emotive beauty.

– backing text for Soul of the Machine

Soul of the Machine album_inside Soul of the Machine album_cover

“Organic Circuitry” Premiere, July 20th

Check out this fine group of quirky musicians! We rehearsed my latest work, Organic Circuitry, together for the first time last night, and it rocks! It’s SO cool with all the effects and nuances!

Don’t miss the debut performance of it on July 20th @ 3pm!

(l to r): Jonathan Sun (violin), Judy Kang (cello), Sarah Wallin Huff (electric 6-string violin), Kay Pech (electric 5-string violin).
(l to r): Jonathan Sun (violin), Judy Kang (cello), Sarah Wallin Huff (electric 6-string violin), Kay Pech (electric 5-string violin).

Pursuit of Truth NOW Available!

Go check out the BookBaby homepage for The Kesher Chronicles Part 1: Pursuit of Truth!

The novel is available TODAY, and your other favorite eBook retailers will be carrying it in their catalogues soon!

Kesher Part 1_TITLE thumbnail

You truly are an excellent writer, and in just a couple chapters you have me irrevocably hooked into this futuristic world you’ve made, and the very real characters who inhabit it. You have a real skill for nuance of character and realism in dialogue…There is a cinematic quality to how you introduce each scene, and how it ends. It reads very much like a blockbuster film shaped into the written word…It seems to me part J. K. Rowling, part Orson Scott Card, and all you, and that is good company. – D.S.


Learning to Read Music is Easy, and Valuable for Everybody!

Everyone can (and should) learn the basic fundamentals of reading music — it’s NO different than when you first learned to read words. And you don’t even have to be able to play an instrument to understand or appreciate it!

By learning even the simplest basics, you open yourself up to a far deeper understanding of music across all genres and periods of time– again, just like growing from a simple understanding of basic words to being able to carry on a meaningful conversation, music will hold much more meaning for you because of your greater understanding of its construction.

It sounds scary, I know. And there always seems to be this stigma that music is only for “geniuses” or that it’s impossible to understand for the “common masses.” This is nonsense. If a two-year old can figure it out (and I’ve taught them; they can), so can you. :)

Take just five minutes and enjoy this engaging and thoroughly comprehensible TED educational video; don’t be afraid– treat your brain to a little bit more enlightenment today! ;)

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